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The Holy Spirit

We need the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit (do you know him?)

The Holy Spirit (baptism in fire)

The Holy Spirit (Charisma)

The Presence of God

Holiness, Freedom, and Sanctification

Ridiculous joy

Freedom from sin (created in God’s image)

Freedom from sin (redemption)

Freedom from sin (living in the resurrection)

What salvation looks like

For the love of Holiness

The true grace of God

The Gospel of the Kingdom

Jesus loves you

Only Jesus saves

The Kingdom coming in Power

The Kingdom is at hand

The love of the Father through the Son

Are you fully surrendered?

What is the Gospel?

Power Evangelism

The Power Gospel

Power, Love, and Identity

A burning heart

The recipe for boldness

Crossing the chicken line

A compassionate heart

What grounds do you have to do that?

Healing and Deliverance

Gaining freedom from demons

Healing is God’s intervention

Where is your faith?

The answer is yes.

The mark of God’s power

God still heals

Healing through deliverance

My walk with Jesus and Testimonies

Encountering the Holy Spirit

Being like Jesus (first post)

My testimony

The ShopRite attacker

VOA 2017 highlights

When Jesus heals mental illness

What a year 2017 has been.

The Sovereignty of God and free will of Man

The Wrecking ball of Misunderstanding

Renewing of the mind

The devil is a liar

The gift of humility

On the Rock

Heaven’s perspective

Other stuff

Fires of revival

Merry Christmas!