Sharing your faith

Let’s admit it, sharing our faith with non-believers can be really uncomfortable and nerve wracking. Why is that? Well, I think it can be for a few reasons, but let me share my journey in Evangelism with you a little bit first.

I started off on this journey the same way as anyone else did. I was super uncomfortable talking about Jesus in public. But I was so happy to know that I was saved. (I still am. It’s literally my favorite) So, back then I was feeling so urged to talk about Jesus everywhere. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, all I knew was to love people and pray for healing. At first, no one was getting healed, but I always loved the people I was with.

Part of the discomfort was the fact that I was not used to doing this many things outside of my house! (I played a lot of video games) When I got saved though, I told the Lord “Take my life, you can do whatever You want with it.” He took that seriously. I started having dreams about healing the sick immediately. Months went by before the first person got healed, but once they did, I decided it was the only thing worth doing. Sharing the gospel, and healing the sick. I don’t want anyone going to Hell! Not one soul! I have a burning passion inside of me, placed there by God Himself, to see the lost come to Jesus. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger every day!

So, what makes sharing your faith so uncomfortable? I think there are many things I could say. Fear of man, improper teaching or theology, no experience or training, don’t know the point, and so on. But I want to center on one thing. I really believe this will help someone reading this. I will share a parable in order to get the idea across.

The Weight Lifter

Mike was a normal guy, who wanted to win the championship weight-lifting tournament. He knew that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Once the date of the tournament passed, he would never be able to take part in it again. He decided that he would train every day until the tournament, which was 6 months away!

At first, it was very hard to lift the weights. He struggled and struggled. He felt silly lifting them, and his roommate Steve would even make fun of him while he was doing it. “Bro.” He would say. “You’re a science major. What are you doing lifting weights. You look so silly.” This would discourage Mike, because not only was he not used to lifting weights, but no one he knew was doing it. The thoughts would hit him, “Is this even doing anything? I should just quit. I’m taking this too seriously.”

Mike almost gave up. In fact, there were many times throughout his training where he would miss a couple of days because he wasn’t sure he could do it. Slowly but surely, he was getting stronger and stronger. He learned techniques that would help him lift more efficiently, and save his back from becoming injured. He got training from someone who was an amazing weight-lifter also. Mike was well on his way to win the tournament.

Steve started to watch Mike’s progress, and started to want to lift weights himself! Mike was so excited that his roommate finally joined him! The more Mike pressed on, the more people were inspired and wanted to join him!

At the day of the tournament, Mike and Steve finished with a very high scoring, and won a good amount of money each. They had a few friends who quit along the way, which made them very sad. However, there were many more people who joined them!

Evangelism and “The Weight Lifter”

You probably can understand the parable. It’s quite simple. I’m not someone who works out a whole lot, but I understand the principle. Mike represents me and you. Training for the tournament represents sharing our faith, and the tournament represents Heaven and the eternal judgement.

Here’s the thing, just like working out for the first time, so it is with Evangelism. It’s going to feel weird at first. Those muscles may be very weak. But if you exercise them, and share your faith, however uncomfortable you feel, you will become stronger. The personal trainer represents the Holy Spirit. He knows how to Evangelize so much better than we do. Learning from Him is the most important thing we can do! It makes it so much simpler. Think about if you didn’t have Him, how difficult it would be to share your faith. To me, it’s like running your car with no oil!

Holy Spirit does all of the “heavy lifting” so to speak. Our job is to love people, and pray for them. He will do the rest. We love. We preach the gospel. He provides the gifts that we need for each person we come in contact with.

So, the point I’m getting at is this;

It’s going to be uncomfortable at first. Even the best weight-lifters still experience the strain on their muscles when they work out! So, even for the “best” Evangelists, there are plenty of moments of discomfort. But they are far outweighed by the joy of people coming into the Kingdom of God and finding salvation through Jesus Christ!

I’m telling you, there’s nothing better than seeing someone find salvation! It’s the most amazing thing to witness. God is calling us to BE a witness! That means it becomes a lifestyle! HALLELUJAH!

I hope you enjoyed this. Be blessed my friends in Jesus name!

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