What a year 2017 has been.

“But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.” ‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭3:18‬

This year has been nothing short of amazing. I have seen God do the most incredible and miraculous things. I’ve grown closer to Him, and seen more healings than ever. Let me give you the highlight reel.


In January I had a girlfriend, and in February the relationship ended with the Lord’s direction. We are still friends, and if not for the break-up, this year would have turned out to be a whole lot different. Immediately following the break-up, I began to study healing and seek the Lord for more understanding in healing. I wanted to be sure that I didn’t have excuses for people not being healed. I sought the Lord. I wanted to walk in such a way, that people would know Jesus by my life.

I met Garret VanHorn right towards the end of January, and he has been a pivotal member in what took place this year.

My friendship with my soul-brother Luke Moorman was strengthened during this time. I love that guy. He has been such an encouragement to me and I know Jesus just that much more by our friendship. Around the time of Lent I was pressed upon by the Lord to do a sort of fast, and challenge. I fasted lunch for forty days. For every day of the fast I gave myself a challenge to pray for at least one person every day. (It became much more than one every day) During that time, I saw many people healed, and even saw someone come to Jesus.


toward the end of the fast, my pastor Bruce Latshaw, asked me to lead an evangelistic group of people who would go on treasure hunts. He felt as though the Lord wanted us to call our team “the Young Guns” which sounded like an old person thing to say. However, God confirmed that title from two other people who don’t even know Bruce! So began the Young Guns.

We started the treasure hunts off with a bang. There were some crazy healings. The first day, Garret, Kaleb and Drew prayed for a man at the mall who’s back was smashed between a wall and a fork-lift. Haha I remember Garret telling the story “So we prayed the first time and I asked him if he felt any different. And the guy says, to be honest, no there’s no difference, I feel exactly the same! And I was just like No… so I prayed again, and I asked him how he felt and he just said, my back is on fire!” The Guy was instantly healed.

There were times where we had very specific information about people we would meet, and we ran into them on our treasure hunt. One time Kaleb, Luke and I were out on a treasure hunt. That particular day I had written down that we would find a woman with short, dark, curly hair, a dark blue shirt, sunglasses and a wrist brace on her right wrist. Well we ran into a woman with everything except the wrist brace. I asked her, “does your right wrist hurt you?” And she said “yes I actually just injured it.” I said “give me your hand” we prayed three times and she was totally healed. She thanked us and we said “no, thank you Jesus!”

I also met Taylor Franck on my second treasure hunt, and it was like having the sister I always wanted. We were like two peas in a pod the next week! We saw a man who was in minor league baseball get healed when we prayed for him!

I met Seth Poit on the second treasure hunt as well. He is such a soldier for the Lord. I regularly still receive a daily text from him for encouragement. He’s very consistent, and I’m glad to have him as my brother in Christ.

We started a small group, and the fruit of those meetings is still happening! I really miss those meetings, they were amazing. We all grew together significantly.


I went to Creation festival with my great friends and brothers and sisters in Christ from Ignition Church! I can only say that this time was incredible. We saw many people healed, many saved, some delivered and from what I can remember, one person received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I got to meet Todd White, which was great, he is a great guy. He gave me a hug! (Also, he’s shorter than I am) I had the privilege to share my testimony with the Ignition Church family, and partake in baptizing people in the lake on the property!

During the summer, Kaleb and I (with sometimes Garret or Drew) had meetings at Sandy Cove ministries. We demonstrated the kingdom of God, and there were a number of people who received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This freaked a lot of people out, but also got others excited. One person in particular received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, was instantly delivered from addiction to pornography, and went to Walmart the next day to go pray for people. He brought his friend (who was baptist) and the first person they prayed for got healed from a torn rotator cuff!


We had been praying for my older brother Louis for quite some time, who had schizophrenia. In the fall, he received deliverance! Jesus healed him. You can read that story here: When Jesus heals mental illness

In mid October, I had the chance to go to Voice of the Apostles with Luke, his sister, his dad and his wife Emily. We had a great time of refreshing worship and stirring in the Spirit. There were so many miracles. I got to see Benny Hinn, which was interesting to say the least. I am still so moved by what God did at VOA this year. I received confirming prophetic words about what God has for my life. He is truly incredible.

Oh and I met Georgian Banov. That was cool. Fun guy. Loves Jesus.

Winter… again

Following the time since then, the Lord has revealed His heart for me, and brought me more freedom. He showed me (in a dream) that I would be used to minister in deliverance. Well, it has happened recently, and dude. It’s horrible. Now don’t get me wrong, I love seeing people get free, but I don’t like the actual deliverance part. My friend Kasey, (who I met during the Young Guns small group) has had tormenting spirits left over from before she got saved. She never received deliverance. Just a week and a half ago the Lord pushed me to pray for her while I came to pray for her room mate Liz. Kasey manifested demons, and one by one we cast them out, but make no mistake, it was violent. They bit, scratched, kicked, swore, lied, tried to scare us. They tried to harm Kasey, Liz and I, but Jesus wins. Kasey received a huge measure of freedom from the Lord Jesus that night, and was baptized in water. I’m so proud of her and Liz. They love Jesus so much, and I’m so glad that they are a part of the family of God. They are my sisters and I love them. I would never trade the experience of casting out demons for anything. I learned so much about the love of God from that experience, and my faith has boosted.

Christmas was great, and I’m so excited to see what God will do in 2018. He has been my best friend. Always by my side, even when things get dark. He is my everything.

I just ask the Lord, that whoever reads this will be empowered by the Holy Spirit to live a normal Christian life. That He would baptize you in fire, and you would never be the same. Let His presence overtake you. Thank you Lord for these precious people. Bless them all, in Jesus name!


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  1. Hi Lee. Very touching!

    I am troubled by a detail, however.

    Perhaps you won’t mind me asking you if you know whether Benny Hinn is as I thought connected with Rome. Many are not aware of the danger of ecumenism. Where do you stand on the Protestant position of separation from the Babylon system?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lee Ammerman says:

      I don’t really know man. There’s a lot of little details out there, and I’m sure not all of them are God. However, I can’t be distracted, because there’s a lot of people that need Jesus, and I need to focus my eyes on Him.

      Thanks for commenting, Jonathan!


      1. Hi Lee,

        Perhaps you have not given consideration to the part of scripture that is central to the book of Revelation before the Lord Jesus Christ returns, allowing us to know how to prepare: the three angels messages of Revelation chapter 14. Have you read them? What is your take on them? As you can tell, there was a preparation for the return of Jesus with the everlasting gospel what you properly on for size, but there was also an app for sis on the identification of the false system that would seduce the whole world.

        Let me know what you think please.




      2. Lee Ammerman says:

        I think if we are focused on Jesus and are led by the Holy Spirit, we won’t be deceived. Also we are called to win people, so that’s what I’m going to focus on. 😁👍🏼


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