When Jesus heals mental illness

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭1:7‬ ‭

I want to tell you the story of my brother, Louis, and the love of God.

Snared by lies

Growing up, we all went to church and we all believed in God. However, He wasn’t everything to us (at least not us boys) yet. We were not very kind to Louis. A lot of very unfortunate things happened to him. Things with his old girlfriend, things that happened at Heritage Christian academy, and so on.

He would get angry at the game he was playing and yell at the person he was playing against. I remember saying to him one time “yell louder, maybe they’ll hear you.” And many more things like that. We almost brushed him aside. He stayed in his room a lot, and stayed to himself.

Around December of 2014, the devil took advantage of these things that were against him. All of the sudden, without warning, something came over him, like a dark cloud. He proceeded to remove his clothes and say he was Jesus healing people. Well, they took him to meadow wood. Shortly after he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. If anyone knows anything about scizophrenia, you’ll know that it is completely demonic.

They put him on medication, and he became zombie-like. If he said anything, it would take him a while to respond to questions, and he would be very non-engaged even with a group of people. If he forgot to take his medication, he began hearing voices and doing very strange things.

So you might understand that people who “go crazy” are hearing voices, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself, “what are those voices?” Or even further “who are those voices?” These voices hide under the guise of mental illness, but they are demons. Straight up. They torture the minds of people and ensnare them, but the thing we have to remember is, they have no power unless we give it to them. They feed on fear, past traumas, and sin. In Louis’s case, they hooked on to his past.

Only Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, revealed to us what to do.

If I ignore the problem, it will go away.”

I think we all know that leaving problems alone only makes them worse. Well, in 2015 I gave my life fully to Jesus, was baptized in water and the Holy Spirit. Our family was starting to catch the fire of God. We began to see healings occur, and I in particular saw a lot of people healed just stopping them on the street, in the mall, at wawa, or where ever I was.

However, when I came home, there was Louis. Lifeless look in his face, demonic influence just doing whatever it wanted. We kept growing in God, and Louis seemed to only stay the same. We would pray wimpy prayers for him. They obviously weren’t working! We knew doctors could only help, they couldn’t  solve the root problem.

One time Louis forgot to take his medicine and he thought my mom had demons on her. Well he probably did see that, but we didn’t. He attacked her, and my dad and younger brother pulled him away and called 911. Louis went to Meadow wood for the second time.

Well, just a couple months ago, we knew that it was coming to an end. Louis came out of his room one day with the catatonic look in his eyes. He said “it’s over. They’re going to kill me.” Well we knew that the enemy was trying to fight us, we had been amping up our prayers for Louis. We prayed for him that night and prophesied. It subsided.

Not even a week later it happened again. This time, I couldn’t just cast this out. I needed help. So we all stopped to pray for Louis, and I asked God, “Holy Spirit, what do I do?” And I heard Him speak to me. “Louis has something in his room and that is the problem.” So I asked him, “Louis what’s in your room? He responded right away with “the past”.

We prayed for him for about 2 hours, and we were so tired, but we couldn’t leave him alone like that. So we called 911, and they took him to the ER, where my dad and I stayed until 5 AM. He came back in about a week, after he had been to Rockford. In the mean time, our wonderful parents had decided to check out his room. Led by the Holy Spirit, they found the things that were attached to Louis’s past and put them all in a small box.

Louis stayed in my room that week while my parents worked on his room. Well, he was having episodes again, and it made me nervous trying to sleep in that room with me.  One night, it got really bad again. I put my hands on him and started praying for him, and he said “you’re hurting me” obviously the enemy is involved, and he doesn’t like the fire of God. Well, I ignored that and kept praying for him, and he snapped. He all of the sudden tried to punch, bite, and kick me. He missed my groin the first time. The second time, he nailed it.


I said “ok I need help! I can’t do this!” I was out of breath and I needed someone to restrain him. My dad came right away and grabbed him. Well, I wasn’t going to just run away, so I came back. We did not want to call 911 again, but had no choice. So while the police were on the way, we worshipped God and laughed in the enemy’s face. Something about this time, we knew we had won. Louis was calling us beelzebub and shouting obscenities. (he didn’t know what he was doing obviously) the police came and took him away again.

Sweet freedom

Louis was now in the hospital, and we had gotten a good amount of people that we trust to pray for him. Well, the first night that he was there, he threw up a lot. It was unexplained and random to Louis. He told me that he was about to eat a cake and then he randomly threw up a lot. Now, if you know anything about deliverance, sometimes when a demon leaves, the person who had them will vomit. When we heard that he did this, we said “do you think…?” We were hopeful.

He had about a week’s worth of recovery in the hospital and a week at Rockford.

Once Louis came back, he came with us to our Holy Spirit night at the Barn. This was the same night in which the “glory cloud” manifested in the sanctuary. That night during worship, Louis danced with us! He had a big smile, and he jumped and danced. My mom was watching him from the other side of the sanctuary crying.

Since then, he has been drawing again. Inspired by God’s creation. He now speaks in full sentences and communicates with us with no problems responding. He attributes his complete freedom to God and His power and love. Now, we haven’t had a doctor say “he no longer has schizophrenia.” But so far they have said “he’s a completely different person” and we know he’s free. Thank you Jesus!

Louis before

Louis after

We are so thankful. Recently Louis and I came home after we had been over our grandma, aunt, and uncle’s place. Louis was so talkative. And he told my mom how blessed he was, and how God had healed him! It was only God! And my mom cried even harder and held him with so much joy and thankfulness.

Jesus is alive, and he still heals and delivers today. I hope you are encouraged to believe from this post. Also if you need healing, or deliverance, we’d love to come pray for you.

Be blessed!!!

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  1. Janis L. Koppany says:

    That was so inspirational, I read it in tears of joy. As a retired nurse of over 30 years, I have seen much harm done, especially with newer medications, done in the name of healing. That is why this story is so beautiful. I personally was almost permanently crippled from anxiety medication, that quiet voice said stop the meds, later when I researched I found side effect was permanent muscle contractions, (pseudo-parkinson disease). Thankfully listening to the Holy Spirit caused complete restoration, and found natural organic supplement of L-tryptophan, which even helps me sleep well. I did have deliverance which was powerful after the mis-diagnosis. Our GOD is so great. Thank you again for sharing. Keep a notebook, in case you might have collection for a book when you get older. Abundant Blessings, and always on my prayer list. Jan

    Liked by 1 person

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