VOA 2017 highlights

Wow. If I have anything to say, it’s revival is here.

At voice of the Apostles this year, I was so encouraged to hear about the things that God is doing across the entire globe. We were stirred up and encouraged by leaders in the faith like Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, Leif Hetland, Georgian Banov, Che Ahn, and many others. We worshipped together with Bethel music, and boy do they know how to worship. You may say, “but it’s too much like a concert.” Well, maybe. But I would rather have a concert for Jesus than for anything else. And the presence of God was so powerful there.

We had such a good time praying for each other, giving and receiving prophetic words and healing. Seeing the vision from the apostolic leaders, and our fellow believers. Holy Spirit is taking us down a path of His fire. We need only to give up on us and grab on firmly to Him.

Georgian Banov really encouraged me. I love the joy of the Lord, and he encouraged me even more to not be afraid of what people think of me, and to just enjoy God to the full. He even preached out of Romans 6! My kind of guy. Taking this picture was his idea!

There were miracles. People’s bones reset, deaf ears opened, emotional problems were miraculously healed, metal left people’s bodies, feathers appeared in the room, (Reminds me of my ignition church friends) some gems appeared from heaven, (including a small one I found) and many others were healed and baptized in the Holy Spirit. What’s really exciting to me is to hear about the thousands upon thousands of people being saved every day. Friends, Jesus is taking over this planet. I am so excited. And revival starts in the church. Jump in the river. It has only just begun.

Also, I got wrecked the last night. Hahaha

Be blessed!

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