The Shoprite attacker

Wednesday September 27th a 32 year old woman was stabbed by a man trying to hijack her car. The Lord set it up and I was there right when it happened.

Lately I have been helping a homeless friend of mine who comes by every day after work and asks me to buy him food. I’ll call him Andy, (not his name). This particular Wednesday I didn’t see Andy coming, I thought he wouldn’t be around, so I was just going to go to my car (which is on the street right before Shoprite) and drive home. Another good friend of mine happened to be at Loma for an event, and I stopped to talk to him instead of just leaving. Well, this delayed me just enough for Andy to come by at the perfect time. Lately he had been wanting to eat food from a fried chicken place up the street, but this particular day, he wanted to go to Shoprite.

I had to get gas. So we walked to my car and hopped in. There is a gas station right before the Shoprite. We stopped and put in gas, and my other friends were there at the gas station. So I stopped to talk to them for a minute. Then after the gas, I drove with Andy to the Shoprite. He wanted to get fried chicken. I mean, I don’t blame him, I like a good fried chicken.

As soon as we were walking towards the Shoprite, a woman came out of her car screaming bloody murder. At first, I wasn’t sure if she was playing or not. It’s not something you see every day, but she emphatically yelled “he just ****ing attacked me! He stabbed me! Someone call 911! Someone help!” She hobbled towards the Shoprite. It was not a joke. It was going down, and I wasn’t about to stand around and do nothing. She kept moving towards the Shoprite, and everyone else was looking at each other, not sure what to do. The man came out of the car and he walked very slowly and said “I gotta get outa here” I was pretty shocked too. I said to him, “dude what are you doing?” And a woman said to me, “stay away from him, he has a knife!” I didn’t even think twice, I was at complete peace, and I ran into the Shoprite after the woman so I could help. I kept thinking “now or never. Let’s do this.

As she was hobbling through the store, blood trailing her, people stood around in fear, dumbfounded by what was happening. So I ran to the back where she was. I wasn’t sure what I could do, but I know I have the Spirit of God living inside of me, and this woman needs to see Jesus now more than ever. They tried to calm her down and reassure her that the man would not come in the Shoprite. She was not getting through the Shoprite employee, who obviously looked a little frustrated at her (and me, hahaha). I tried to get near her so I could pray for her and help in any way possible. She asked me for my phone so she could call her husband. So I let her use it. And I myself talked to him and warned him that the man was outside and had attacked another man.

When the employee left the closet, I went in and said to the woman, “I’m going to pray for you right now.” She said, “don’t touch my foot!” (It was the area where he really cut her badly. Right where the heel meets the calve) I said “no I won’t!” I grabbed her leg and said “be healed right now in the name of Jesus! Pain you go! Lord I thank you for showing her your love!” She gave me the weirdest look, and then avoided eye contact with me and said, “ok, thank you…” the paramedics showed up and I said “you guys got it from here right?” They said “yes we do.” Another woman saw the man and got a few pictures of him, so I didn’t need to tell anyone. (Plus they caught him anyway)

I looked around and thought, “hey where’s Andy?” I thought maybe he just left. So I went back to the parking lot. There was a girl in the parking lot freaking out and panicking. She said “I never come out this way, and this happens. This is one of my biggest fears.” I walked up to her and her boyfriend (who were talking to another woman.) I asked her if she was ok, and she said “yeah I’m alright, I’m just paranoid now. I saw you run in there after her.” I said to her, “give me your hand. Peace right now in Jesus name. Come Holy Spirit. Touch her right now.” Immediately she calmed down. The other woman said “that’s so nice to see a young man pray for people, you don’t see that happen anymore, where I’m from people don’t attack each other and this is just a shame, growing up I never would have…. etc.” (she was very sweet. She just rambled a lot. To be expected with this sort of thing.) then I asked the girl, “how are you?” She said “I’m good thank you.” The other woman who rambled on for a while asked me to pray for her because she had a tumor in her brain. So I grabbed her head and said “spirit of cancer I command you to come out right now in the name of Jesus. You leave her NOW! Be healed.” She said “I can feel a vibration in my head” I said “thats a good sign!” I told them all that Jesus really loved them.

I still had no idea what happened to Andy, but shortly after that, he came out of the Shoprite with a bag of chicken in his hand. He later said to me “why did you make me still that chicken?” I was like “dude, are you serious?” He needs deliverance, and God’s love in so many areas. He doesn’t understand. Later I made him apologize and pay for the chicken, my good friend Luke told me I should do that. Good idea man!

What a crazy day after work. Apparently the woman who was attacked is doing well, and the attacker is in prison. God, have mercy on him and forgive him. Here’s the news report for this story: Shoprite attacker

Thanks for reading, be blessed!

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